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Instead of a regular fashion show we tried a humerous one. We had one section of hats and the girls modeled silly hats that we made. A garden hat (straw hat covered with all kinds of vegetables wired to it), A pillbox hat (a silly hat made out of all kinds of boxes from pills), a ten gallon hat (ten one gallon milk jugs all wired together, etc. We then went to dresses and the girls modeled a moomoo (dress covered with pictures of cows), A-line dress (dress covered with lines of the letter A), a duster (dress with an assortment of dust clothes and feather dusters attached to it) etc. The girls had fun decorating the clothes and hats the week before and keeping them a secret from their Moms and the girls really had a good time making the Moms laugh the night of the banquet. We had each girl model a hat and then a dress so we had about twenty items and a funny commentary about each. The Moms thought they were coming to a serious fashion show so it was a fun surprise. Even the shy girls came out of their shells and hammed it up. We have also had a craft night and we make two or three small crafts and this was a hit.
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