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Well, how things change. I walked dd to her classroom this morning cause she had alot to carry. It was a few minutes after 8am, the busses had unloaded and some were still unloading. I was annoyed at the fact that there was not 1 adult near/in her room. DD felt comfortable with me leaving so I walked really slow. They obviously are not keeping to what I was told. They did however start the intervention process with the troubled girl by herself. Tomorrow will be intresting. The entire 5th grade is having a special presentation on colonial days and parents will be there. I have not seen troubled girls mom since this ordeal came up. Intrested if she says anything to us. Also intrestd to see how the girl interacts with our dd.

Last night at church I asked a police officer who goes to our church if I shoulf file a police report or if the school does that. He said if they did I would know by now but seems they have not. He encouraged me to file one.
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