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I got a phone call at 7:50 am from my dd's teacher. She told me what she has done about it thus far. All principals in the school know, all faculty/staff in the building know to keep an ear out for my'dd's name as well as the psycho girl should their students hear of anything and talk about it. They are going to do an intervention with the girl. Her parents were contacted. They will be keeping an eye on her(psycho girl) all day, everyday. It was a very long conversation with lots of details and then asked if how it was handled so far is sufficient for me and if my dd can join the intervention with the counselor and other aurhorities to give her side of the last 6.5 months being harassed by this girl. Her teacher admitted that this situation is above her and she needs assistance to help clear it up. She also told me that this girl tells her lies blaming my dd for things that she knows my dd did not do. She feels sorry for my dd for being in the middle of all this but commended her on how well she has handled it thus far.

If things were not in motion as they are then I would not have sent her to school. We'll see how it goes from here. I am, as well as the teacher concerned how this girl will NEXT take her frustrations out on my dd. My dd blocked her from her email 2 wks ago, so then she sent it to another site over the weekend(the life threatening email). I emailed the site and told them of this and suggested she be banned from the site. If she is it may set her off. Then the only other way for her to get to my dd is at school.
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