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Would you send your child to school?

DD was threatened by email. That she should die. DD prnted out the email and showed it to her teacher yesterday. She said that some day this week she will pull her and the other girl who made the threat out od class to talk with the counselor. I have not gotton a call yet. This is the same girl whom the teacher told me in November to watch the friendship they have cause the other girl is very competive and controlling. Well 2 weeks ago I snooped indd email and found mean emails from this girl. DH said this girl is psycho. I did not mention it to the teacher. I'm thinkin I should have. I have written a letter for dd to give to her teacher about those emails. But I question whether I should even send her to school tomorrow. I mean her life was threatened. I do not know if the girls parents aware of this recent email. Her teacher said she would call me but maybe these matters take time but in that time this girl scares me. The subject of the email XXX is after your blood. In the body of text it says You and XXX should die! No one can get lower than you and XXX.

The whole reason for these threats to my dd is because this girl wants my dd's friendship and had it BUT my dd is not allowed to be friends with anyone ELSE according to her. Because my dd knows right from wrong and chosen to not associate with such a person as her she has chosen to not be friends although she really wanted to but if she does chose friendship with her she's not allowed to have any other friends.

This makes me nauseas. I should mention that these girls are 11(5th grade)

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