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I think the amount of time spent on outside activities depends on the kid. DD1 wasn't involved in many activities. She really struggled with her schoolwork, and we'd spend a couple of hours everyday on homework. (Thankfully, she just completed high school!) She hates sports. She did take piano lessons for four years, and then guitar for one year. Both of these were one day a week, plus 20 minutes of practice everyday.

DD2 is completely different. She wants to be as busy as possible. She is a good student and gets good grades. She does competitive cheerleading. This involves practice three days a week and about 5 or 6 competitions a year. When there is a competition, there are extra practices, sometimes amounting to 5 a week. She would like to play soccer as well, but we have told her she has to choose. It's not fair to either team if she cannot fulfill her commitments.

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