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The rule here for new things is if it's a yearly sign up that has a yearly fee, you have to complete that year.
If it doesn't have a fee you have to try for at least 6months.
I don't believe in having something to do/an event each afternoon but I believe they do need something that takes them out of the house and away from school at least 1 afternoon.
Both my boys did cricket which involved 1 afternoons training and a game sat morning, only ds2 does this still. He also plays guitar 1 afternoon.
ds1 used to do both but he got himself a part time job while still at school and prefered that, but he played his guitar because he could.

They need at least some physical outlet to get all their edginess and frustrations out, I also think the disciplin helps as we all know that kids will listen to someone else but not mum or dad LOL

I think they need a limit on afterschool activities as once you go to school, do your extra then your homework, when do the kids get to be kids?

Our get to gether time is usually dinner but we do bike rides and play in the back yard together.

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