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Lightbulb You could still ...

... designate areas for certain foods. Do you have one of those containers to hold ice cubes after they are frozen and you pop them out? I keep freezie-pops in mine! It only takes about 2 hours for the cubes to freeze in the trays, so as long as we keep the trays filled, we're okay with ice. (We use ice throughout the day in our Guzzler - a thermal container we keep ice water in for the whole family to drink from, but mostly for me.)

Not counting that container, I have two shelves, giving me four sections in the freezer. They're a lot skinnier than the deep freeze, but it's still usable space.

Remember to keep your meats as flat and uniform in shape as you can when you place them in the freezer. I would put them on the top shelf, closest to the vent, so that they get frozen fast. Don't forget to mark the container/package so you know what it is! And remember to spread them out until they are frozen, if you have more than one package. Once the packages are frozen, stack them up. I just separated a little over six pounds of ground beef and tucked them into my freezer, as well as two boneless chicken breasts. After wrapping the chicken, I placed them into a sealable bag labeled with the contents.

Oh! I'm getting off track!

Okay, try putting meats on the top shelf, then pastas on the next shelf, vegetables and miscellaneous on half of the bottom and breakfast stuff on the other half. Keep your small, loose items, like corn dogs, lean pockets, small packages of chopped onion, etc., in the door if you have shelves there.

Now, if you have ice cream, that takes precedence! Place that into your freezer first, and fit anything else around it as you are able. If you can't fit anything else in, well, you better eat that ice cream quick before it melts! :D

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