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Are our kids too busy? Yes
Do you set limits on the number of activities your child can do? Will have to this year
Do you think the more activities the better? No
Do your kids have time for family and relaxing? Yes, but I plan to build in a little more this year
Do feel that keeping your children involved keeps them out of trouble? I think it depends on what they are involved in and who with. I think sports teams can promote a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy most of the things my teens do with our Church as well. My biggest problem is the homework. I know they need to knwo how to study and all the reasons for homework, but it the thing that annoys me most of all their outside school activities.

We are just about to launch into the new year and ds hopes to join a tennis club in place of his drama classes. He would also like to learn electric guitar. At Church he helps out 6 weeks a term with a primary aged program on a Monday night, and helps at Kids Church, then he is involved late Sunday afternoon and early evening with youth programs and about 4 or 5 Fridays a month. So it is doable. He has at least 3 nights a week home and most Saturday afternoons.
Dd is a bit busier,. She helps at the primary program Monday nights, works Tuesday after school, leadership program Wed after school (home by 5:30pm), piano Thursday (home by 5:30pm), and three Fridays a term. Saturdays completely free. Sunday: Kids Church am and Youth from 3pm - 7:30pm.
Neither have a regular late night out except Friday.
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