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We used to have what's called rhyming slang, and sometimes the rhyme is longer than the actual word.
Dog and bone ~ telephone
dogs eye ~ meat pie
Captain cook ~ have a look
I'd have to ask my FIL for more those, as his generation had more to do with that. We don't use them very often at all now.
Flatout like a lizard drinking ~ very busy
pulling my leg ~ teasing or making fun of
take a gander ~ take a look
chook ~ chicken
lollies ~ candy
caravan ~ trailer
bloke ~ man
nippers ~ kids
jelly ~ jello
petrol ~ gas
dunny ~ toilet
arvo ~ afternoon
skyte ~ brag
barbie ~ BBQ
lead foot ~ fast driver
a trailer is what you hitch onto the back of your car to carry stuff, usually rubbish.

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