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Well, Im from Pa. too--the Pittsburgh region--and there are LOTS of different words used around here.

Lets see.....

Jumbo--for bologna

gumband-for rubberband

chipped ham- for shaved or chopped ham ( this drives my Dh nutty)

tagger-for tiger

irun or arn-for iron

yins-for you all or all of you

haus-for house

dahn-for down

pop-for soda or soda pop

A LOT of people say "The road needs plowed" "The yard needs raked" ect.... instead of "the road needs to be plowed"

Im sure there are many more.....maybe KLCRN can help me out here....she from my neck of the woods too!

Im also proud to say that the only thing that I say from the above list is chipped ham and pop.

I knew what a sack was when you mentioned it because my Dad was from West Virginia and thats what he called it too.

There is one more comment often heard around here but I dont really have an explanation for it. You might hear someone ask how another person is doing and their reply will be "Fair to Midland" ( Midland is a town here near us). Just a towny saying I guess??

Cant wait to read more of these!!!

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