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I found several pictures of the Quilted Casserole Carriers,these are made from Quilted Placemats...

Casserole Carrier #1...
For a newly married couple or a family with a new baby, consider purchasing a 7"x11" casserole dish, and adding an incredibly easy casserole carrier/warmer as well.

To make the carrier, purchase a 12 1/2" x 17 1/2" placemat (find one with angled corners for a better finished look). You will also need eight 3/4" buttons and thread to match the placemat.

With the placemat wrong-side-up (you want the "pretty side" down - choose which side you like best and put that face down), center the empty dish on the placemat. For each corner, fold the edges of the placemat up and pinch them together. Place one button on each side of the pinched fold - then stitch the buttons in place to hold the corners together. You're done!

Casserole Carrier #2...
For a carrier that holds an 8"x11 1/2" casserole dish, you will need two 13" x 17 1/4" quilted fabric placemats, matching thread, three 7/8" buttons and three 3 1/2" lengths of 1/8" elastic.

Find the side of the placemat you like best, then place both of these sides together. Using your sewing machine or if sewing by hand use a running stitch or blanket/whip stitch, sew around the two long sides and one short side - leaving one short side open to allow the dish to slide in and out.

Sew buttons onto one placemat on the top - evenly spaced and 1/2" from the opening's edge. For each button loop, fold one length of elastic in half and sew the ends of the loops to the inside edge of the bottom placemat - 1/4 - 1/2" from the openings edge and directly beneath the buttons on the upper placemat. When the casserole dish is slid in, you simply pull up the elastic loops and slide over each button to hold in place.

The link below has a pattern for the Casserole Carrier made out of Kitchen Towels...hope these help...
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