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Good morning!
Mish, you can always vent. Maybe they will be tired from shopping? I am shopping today also. I will think of you while I am out and hope that we both do well. Normally, I wait 'til Friday, but I thought if we get bad weather tomorrow, I could avoid it.
Thank you for the compliments on the food preparation. You are all so sweet. Truthfully though, I do well the first three weeks, but then tend to get lax about planning that last week before payday, when I need to the most. Sometimes the combinations work out and sometimes they can be, well, pretty interesting. lol
Oh, Ellen, I hope you're not slip sliding home. You be careful out there tomorrow.
Jean, no, I did not see that. The name McCoy sounds familiar, but I can't seem to place it.
Lisa, aren't those Tightwad books the best? I really should read them again, too.
Norma, do you drink regular tea, or do you have any special favorites? I think I've decided that I like Earl Grey the best. There is just something nice about a cup of hot tea.
Anna, thinking of you and David. I hope it is all going well.
Frugal for here is using the money envelope system and not taking the cards or checkbook shopping with me.
Well, I guess I'd better move myself toward the door. Take care friends-the weekend is almost here!

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