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Lisa,So glad that it was only your monthly and that you are starting to feel better already.
Jean and Norma,I am glad i got the toy room in order.Santa does need to have some room to put the new toys doesn't he???I already had a talk with the older 2 about just tossing the toys in any old spot just to get the toy room picked up.
Anna,Going to say some prayers for you and your dh.It sounds like this surgery is fairly common and i am hoping that he will be ok.
Today i am going to go to the store for more food for us and try to do some more Christmas shopping.I still need to pick up a few more toys and some small stockings stuffers for the girls too.Aslo going to try and use both of my JcPenny coupons that i got too.My dh is taking some time off to come and see my middle dd at her dress rehearsal.I really laid into him about me not caring so much about this new club that he is doing.It is the Cival Air Patrol.It is costing us alot of money as you have to wear some extra clothes (Which aren't cheap even the shoes).I swear he does this to drive me nuts.Plus now tonight i will have all 3 kids with me and the youngets will be up later than normal.Not much for me.Thanks for letting me vent.I will be back on later on.