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Good morning all!!

Anna, I will keep David, and you, in my prayers today, and hold you both close to my heart regading David's surgery.

Jamie, congrats on the wise use of your food. Cookies and tea sound awfully good to me, but, I haven't had breakfast yet.

Mish, I am glad tht the days of cleaning up any room that toys were strewn all over, is gone. At least until my newphew has children. LOL

Jeandeanette, I hope the storm doesn't hit as hard as they are predicting. Here, for me, should be just rain.

Pam, I will keep a special prayer going on your family's behalf too. That storm has affected so many states, and so many people. They are saying on the news that it may be another week in OK before all the power is restored. Hopefully, your area will be restored sooner, rather than later.

Well ladies, better go for now.

Take care all!! Norma