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Well its late but I wanted to say hi.

Anna, rest well tonight and I am praying things go good tomorrow. I bet David never had an ideal of just how many women were one day going to be worried for him and praying for him. He must be a special man.

Mish, you don't have to worry about exercising because I think you most likely burned a lot of calories with cleaning the toy room for so long. That sounds like a work-out to me.

Jamie, you continue to inspire me with your ability to plan and stretch out your meals until you shop again. I hope I can become more like you in the food department this coming year. I really need to cut my grocery bill. I don't go to the stores as often as I used to but I spend so much more when I do go.

Did any of you watch Dateline tonight? The McCoy children were on there. I cried and cried. I have always loved their shows about that family. I am so amazed at how well large families seem to handle things.

My oldest is supposed to be coming home Friday. He has one more exam tomorrow. He has really had a hard semester and he needs a break. It will be so good to have him home for awhile.

Frugal today was staying home, using free cat food and scrapes for my dog and cooking deer meat for supper.

Well sleep well everyone.