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Good Evening Everyone

Thank you all for your prayers, they are to do the surgery tommorow I don't know what time. I'm exhausted... home at 1am back to the hospital at 8am, home now at 5:30pm... I have to finish up the fragrance oil bottling, do some laundry and try to get to bed at a decent hour to be back up in the morning. My bil and nephew (7) came up to see dh today, dh had said he didn't want visitors but they came anyway, bil can be a real pain sometimes but was very grateful to have someone besides myself visit dh.


so sorry to hear about your former family's farm accident, even when they are ex's they still have a place in your heart. Prayer and comfort to you and the family.


I hope your power is restored soon... I still clearly remember ours being off for several days year before last.

Well I'm off to feed the girls and get that laundry started, take care my friends.