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Anna, I am so sorry. I pray that the Lord would completely heal David and give you calm and peace through it all. And may the procedure go smoothly without complications. In His name. Hugs and prayers to you today, sweetie.
Pam, bless your heart. It would be difficult to stay upbeat in a situation like that. You are doing much better at it than I would. I'm glad that some of your food was saved. I know it's so hard to see anything go to waste. That is a really long time to be without power. I hope it won't be that long-yikes. We were without power for about that long once in upstate NY. Something that we did was cover the doors and windows with blankets. It helped a little bit.
Lisa, hope you get over your headache soon. Ouch.
Frugal for today was reserving library books and movies online. Other than that, just staying home and using up what we have before we shop on Friday. Unfrugal was mailing my inlaws' package mistakenly to their former address out of habit. Hopefully, it will eventually find it's way to them.
Take care friends, and stay cozy and warm today! I am thinking it's a good day for hot chocolate!

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