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Have your child learn to learn from the math textbook, so many cannot decipher or try to rush. Math textbooks are chewed slowly, read the instructions out loud, guess at how to do the problem, look at the sample problem, then work through the sample problem adding any arithmetic steps that the book usually leaves out (because you will have to do them yourself when it isn't a sample problem), then try the exercises in the back related to the sample problem. Then and only then go on to the next example.

Also, teach them
how to get a receipt,
ask for directions,
look stuff up on the internet like org charts and department phone numbers,
introduce themselves to their advisor,
find out where the student union is,
and the bank, a
nd how to get cash or feed themselves when the dining hall closes,
find their classrooms before the first day of class,
and pack more socks than shoes, you only need sneakers and boots...not the 30 pairs my dd takes with her!
make a phone call to an adult using proper phone etiquette (thought she knew that already!)
and how to persist for the answer instead of hanging up and saying I still don't know what to do...
should I go on??
Ellen in PA

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