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chuckle Strange habits??

Our hound has a sulkie blanket, drags this thing wherever he goes. Finaly broke him of trying to take it out when he goes to the washroom. If he goes upstairs he pulls it up, goes to his food he brings it. I have to laugh at him.
What Strange habits do your dogs have?
We have had many dogs growing up and seems like each one had some strange quirk with them. A ****er that had a stuffed elephant that he took everywhere's, A shetland that rounded up rocks, A GS that would only do what the cat was doing, 1 chiuaua (sp?) that stole teacups and the other followed the cat again, a wire terrier that collected keys and socks,2 bearded collies that could not be seperated from one another. I won't even go into the quirks of the hounds we had
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