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We had a good time being on the float at the parade. Ended up having 3 wisemen, 1 shepard, Mary & Joseph and an angel on the float no one else showed up. DD2 let us borrow a baby underduress to be Jesus in the manger.

Went to an early dinner with the inlaws that the service was terrible. 3 meals came out overcooked then waited and waited on the other 2 meals and the sides for the 5 meals . Meals ended up being comped as the sides were cold and MIL's pasta dish was cold when it finally came out. Manager had all the meals redone and they still forgot 2 of the sides so we ended up being given 2 $50 gift certificates for the problems.

Then to top things off dd2 threw up at the table, one Daddy's coat getting out of the booth , once in the bathroom and then on Daddy as he carried her into the house and her coat. So I'm doing laundry right now. Hopefully it will be a short term bug and noone else gets it.

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