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Hi everyone, missed reading all of your posts. Lot's going on here. A friends little boy nearly died of a bowel obstruction, another friend's 3o year old husband had a stroke, my mother is showing obvious signs of dementia...

I've been focusing on frugal things on line. Been reading some good blogs, Wise Bread and Simple Dollar. Good stuff.

Still had time to do some frugal stuff. Found 2 lamps I've been looking for at the Goodwill outlet store for a total of $4, and a Fry Daddy (for sweet potato fries) from Freecycle. Dressed warm and left the heat lower. Stayed home some days. Baked bread instead of running to the store. Cooked from scratch. Made curry from leftover pork roast, beef stroganoff, potatoes, canned tomatoes, half an onion, some spices and a can of coconut milk. BTW, coconut milk is 2.89 at the grocery, .89 at the International Store. Got a free lunch at work today, leftover Subway sandwich from the meal for the people who volunteered to work over night. Noticed we weren't using all of our minutes on our phone plan, got a smaller plan and saved $40 a month. Almost talked DH into cancelling cable, pretty sure I can get him down to basic, at least. We have no tv reception due to the military facility down the road, so no cable, no tv. Was in the neighborhood of a good bulk food store and stocked up on dry foods, and ordered a box of tvp chunks, since I can't find them anywhere.

We're pretty much ready for Christmas, our gas cards are loaded and we're stocked up on groceries, so I'm going to see how long I can go without buying anything. The after Christmas sales will be hard to miss... pw