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Bunny I hope you feel better soon and way to go on your dh using the coupons. I think he was smart to do that.

Yds decorated our tree today. He did a good job on it. The only thing I done was get most of the hooks apart for him. He also cooked his own breakfast today. For some reason he has been so extra sweet today. I am making him and me a cheese pizza right now for a late lunch. My house actually looks like Christmas now with the decorated tree, and a strand of lights on the door with Christmas cards around the door.

Frugal today is staying home, eating from home and feeding the dog some food scrapes from yesterday's supper in with her regular food.

Everyone sounds so busy. Its a very busy time of the year right now for most all of us I guess. I need to see if ds wants me to help him wrap up the gifts he got his dad and big brother.

Well have a great afternoon.