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Question Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

Hello all,

Has anyone every been diagnosed with "Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome?" This was formerly known as "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy"

It is one of those small Neurological problems that certain surgeries might cause.

My CRPS was casued by a carpal tunnel surgery and a shoulder release surgery that were done the same day.

I was told that I was at a "small" risk for neurological problems with the surgery by my surgeon. He did not list all the possible complications that might exist but said it was a small risk.

I later found out that women with small, narrow wrists should NOT have carpal tunnel surgery because they are at a "HUGE" risk of contracting what was then called RSD.

Had I known then what living with the complications would be like I would not have had the surgery!

My present Dr. says that the surgery was the start of all my neurological probs including fibro.

I look forward to discussing this with you!
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