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a backwards birthday party

Here's another great but inexpensive b'day party idea that I used for my son that turned 7 last year. A "Backwards Birthday party". It was soooooooooo easy to create and prepare and it took very little time and effort, no more than a regular party actually.
First we bought ordinary invitations but everything we wrote in them was written backwards....There is actually a singer out there that has a CD that is called "Backwards Birthday Party" but I can't recall his name.
We played pin the tail on the donkey's nose...When the kids came into the house my son greeted them with "Good bye glad you came" then escorted them to the backdoor entrance. There we had the regular balloons at the doorway. ( we still had a couple of balloons at the front to let the parents who had never been to our home find our place easier.)
As the kids got thier coats off I had name tags ready for them to put on, thier names were spelled backwards of course. I had made the birthday cake, again you have to know I always do things the easy way. It was suggested to make an upside down cake but since I had never made one before I just made two cake mixes of cupcakes and tured them upside down. I stacked them into a pyamid shape then put the frosting on them but I would recommend you put frosting on them individually ( it will be easier). Oh I almost forgot, on the invitation we requested that all the kids come to the party with thier clothes on bakcwards.
Another game we played was an accuracy game. The kids took turns standing on a line and each had 3 clothes pins to throw into a basket, the thing was though that they had to stand backwards.
Another thing we did, that ALL the kids thought was pretty cool was we changed the order of the party, it was all backwards. They got to eat the cake first. LOLOLOLOL they couldn't believe that. LOL
Again if you have any interest in this party and have any questions let me know by posting :-)
Ciao for now,
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