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I am a spark leader on a mission

Do I have a story to tell. I was one of those moms that was involved with my older daughter. Sparks is two years long, then Brownies. When my younger daughter wanted to be a spark unfortunately the sparks leaders flew-up with their daughters. It left one leader and two units. Well, it just so happened I was approached. I said I would do it but with another leader. No one stepped forward. So I tackled it myself. I have nine girls and one parent that is always there because her child does not want her to leave. So, I have tried letters home, sign-up sheets, telling them how important it is for their involvement. No luck. I finally had to send home the dreaded letter, that if you don't get involved in what your daughters were doing I would have to cancel. All that is expected of these parents is to be there as another adult and bring snack. That's it. They could sit and read a book for all I care. So long story short, I approached this mom that was there all the time asked if I could use her as my parents helper. She said ,yes. Sent home a snack rooster with the parents signed up on a date with a note attached saying it was their responsibility to provide snack for that day and if they could not that they were to find another parent from the phone list I also sent home with the snack rooster. Well, so far so good. A little threat doesnt hurt anyone. I know some of my parents do use me as a babysitting service and some of them do work. It is not the children's fault. That is who I am doing it for. So I suggest you find that one parent that is willing to be that extra body and as the leader just sign the others up for snacks but still give the others a chance to sign-up if they can. Its nice to have more than one helper.
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