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We have six, yes, six, cats, all female. Of this bunch, we had two- Lizzie and Natasha, each of whom had one litter. We were able to give away all but one of Lizzie's kittens, but none of Natasha's. Six cats is a lot, and I am currently trying to find good families to take three of them, because I refuse to take them to a shelter and none of the cat rescue agencies in my area have any room for them.

Anyway, they mostly all get along, and each has different personality quirks.

Lizzie is apparently half Siamese and half raccoon. She likes to mother everybody but Natasha, her sister, and is very sweet. She likes to play with ribbons and toys when interacting with humans, and she'll curl up on your lap or next to you on the couch if you're there for very long. She's the only cat who's outright afraid of our dog, but if the dog goes after her daughter, Lizzie goes into serious attack mode.

Anna, her daughter, is extremely friendly and loud-mouthed. MMYYYEEEAAAAAAAH! She's a tiger-striped kitty and is the largest of the bunch. She's calm and laid-back and likes to sit on the pool table and watch the other cats do stuff, but she will happily play with toys and people. She's my big bug hunter.

Natasha has calmed down over the last year. She's very shy of non-family members and will hide out when other people come over. She chirps in her throat when you walk by and will occasionally reach out with her paw to swat you as you walk by- kind of a "Hey, where are you going?" Tasha's a tiger also.

The rest are Natasha's daughters:

Polly, the large black kitty, is very sweet and pretty laid-back. She and her sisters chase each other around, but is Polly ever gets into trouble, it's almost always because she's watching her sisters do something and finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She loooooves one particular sunny windowsill in the home, but she will share it sometimes.

Trixie is the slender black kitty, and she's aptly named. She is VERY playful and extremely curious. She gets into trouble because she just does stuff. (Trixie, out of the cupboard. Trixie, out of the fireplace. Trixie, stop chewing every piece of paper you encounter. Trixie, out of the shoebox.) She zooms through the house in fits of kitty insanity.

Sugar is another tiger-striped kitty and she's just... Sugar. She tries to be spoiled rotten and is the best one about finding the warmest place to snuggle up. She won't curl up on your lap, but if you walk up to her and pet her, she will certainly allow you to do so. Sugar and Trixie wrestle quite often, but other than that, she's the princess of the bunch.
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