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wow! thank you for the tip on Kohl's! Never heard of the store, but will check it out on here. How much are they usually?

Im still trying to get over the Buckwheat ones! All I can think of is the smell! Because its a horrid memory for me when I was younger! (Trainlady, you will like this one for youe memories forum!) I havent thought about this for a long time but since you brought up Buckwheat! We used to go to Disneyland every year in Sept when I was little. We were on our way there one morning when we stopped to have breakfast at this little cafe. I ordered pancakes, but for some reason didnt see or didnt care that they were buckwheat! Well they were sitting in front of me and I could not eat them! They were sooooo horrid tasting to me! So I got into squabble with my mom and dad that if I didnt finish my pancakes we were NOT going to Disneyland! Well when you have a brother and sister sitting there giving you nasty looks cuz they wanted to go, but miss stubborn me would not eat her pancakes!
Well I finally did, but guess who paid for it on the trip to Disneyland after that!!!!! Mom and dad had quite the mess in the back seat of the car to clean up! Taught them a lesson!!!!!!!:p

So I dont think I could really use the "buckwheat" pillows!!I still get the "willey's" thinking about that day! And ya know what! I just remembered! It was also my birthday that day!

Thanks for the memory! Not!!!!! He he he!!
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