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When my kids were in elemenatry we were encouraged to bring them with us to scheduled times for fifteen minutes to a student. With conferences with special education teachers, they wanted us to leave them at home.
When in middle school they have the teachers lined around several rooms with each grade level in different rooms and you wait in chairs to see each teacher your child has. They also encourage you to bring your child with you.
By bringing your child with you; you can hold your child responsible for his actions in the classroom and out. It clears up confussion that can occour otherwise.
This year, High School; I made my son meet and join me after school before the conferences started. That way he was held accountable for any work not turned in. And the teachers got the answers from him and not me. As I wouldn't have been able to answer their questions and we had a better afternoon without any conflicts afterwards.
Most of his grades were A's with some B' & D's.
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