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Lightbulb frugal dinners

;-) I have 2 recipes to post, both are easy and very frugal not to mention very inexpensive to make.Neither of them take more than maybe 25 min. to make and only one pot to boot!!!

ok the first one is Poor mans spagetti:

1 lb. of ground beef
1 large can of franco american spagetti

brown ground beef and drain put back in skillet and add spagetti and stir into beef, simmer till heated thru and eat

you may want to add some garlic powder to taste depending on your family's taste buds.

the second one is : Poor mans beef stew:

1lb ground beef
1 box rice a roni beef flavored
1 small can franco amer. beef gravy
1 can corn (or mixed veggies)

prepare rice according to box in a large pot or skillet, brown ground beef and add to rice (when rice is done) add gravy and veggie, heat thru and serve with hot biscuits or refrigerator rolls

I came up with these recipes when I was expecting my 2nd child and money got tight as I was a single mom raising my children on a very tight budget, both were well liked when my children were little and both are liked now as they are adults, my hubby likes them both also.

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