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Step son in trouble

DON'T GIVE UP ON HIM, but think about this too. How will his drug problem affect the children at your home now. Drugs don't just go away because the child is moved to a new home. He may need, temporarily, a new environment with very clean cut rules that he has to follow to the letter. He definately needs counciling. Drugs are a way of blocking out what's hurting you. He's begging for help. You as his step mom can only love him; I feel it's up to his father to take on the role of his father and step up. If he doesn't and the situation gets bad enough; well you don't want it to get to that point. You are, by the sound of the compassion in your posting, a loving parent. Support your husband and help him step up to help. He's probably dealing with a bit of guilt (whether founded or not) for "abandoning" his son. This feeling may not be real but it doesn't stop him from feeling guilty. Guilt is sometimes a real barrier to mobility. He's stuck between two families, as are the other two boys. They don't want to hurt or hurt anyone any more than they already do. Inaction could be the hope it will just go away. Drugs do not just go away. Most of all handle the whole thing with prayer.
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