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Step-son in trouble and I want to help, but...

I have a question. I have four children from my first marriage and two step children now with my second marriage. My four live with us full time, the two are split between my husband and his ex-wife. For some background on this, I will complete my degree in psychology this summer and I currently work in a drug rehab unit in the State Prison. My oldest step-son has gotten into trouble for drugs just recently and is determined to do what ever it takes to get away from his mom. This woman really doesn't like Cory or myself and has point blank stated that she would rather he go to prison than live with us. We are currently working to get full custody of the two boys but we can't seem to get things done fast enough before the next wave of problems comes at us. Cory and I do tend to differ on our opinions of what to do for the child due to our different backgrounds, but nothing that we haven't worked through so far. I know what to do to help the child, I just don't want to over step my bounds as a step parent, yet I really don't want this child to just be tossed by the wayside due to his mothers pride or feeling that this isn't my biological child so I should keep my distance. How involved should I get? I have some real concerns if he comes to live in our house about the effect it will have on my own children if I don't "lay down the law" with him as I would with my own.
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