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My son has had 4 pet rats over the past several years. They were delightful little pets we grew very fond of. He had one male rat, then 3 female rats, the last two were a set of sisters. They fought with each other and needed seperate cages! (Normal siblings? ) Our first rat lived in a large aquariam which hubby built a "loft" in. We had him only a year or so when he died. Our female friends lived in cages with the plastic bottoms (large hamster cages) and they lived longer. I'm not sure if the better ventilation of the cages had anything to do with the amount of time we had them!

Our rats dined on hamster seed, with occasional "treats" like a small bit of bread, dog kibble, piece of fruit, etc. One single "Fruit Loop was the favorite treat of all! I think rats are probably like hamsters in the diet department...too much fresh produce could cause diarrhea.

Needless to say...we recommend these smart, affectionate little creatures! All four of ours even learned their names! (And they seldom bite)
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