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If you can stand another rat reply - my daughter had two female rats a few years ago. We got them together at a pet store when they were "teenagers" I think. They got along well and were great company for each other. My daughter loved them, and handled them, fed them, kept them clean (glass aquarium worked fine, with pine shavings for bedding), built toys and exercise lots for them, used them in a maze-running experiment for school, and just generally had a ball with them. They were smart and loving and docile. They lived about three years and I still miss them.
We are vegetarians, so the rats were too. We fed them table food in addition to the rat chow, and probably shortened their lives with constant gourmet dining.

Rats are clever escape artists, and our darlings soon figured out the way to freedom. They would run around the playroom where their cage was, but the horrible thing was, they made a nest in the loveseat, then proceeded to stock it with food from their cage.
By the time we busted them, the couch was a disgusting mess, fit only to be hauled to the curb, and the carpet had carpet beetles. I nearly died. Ginger and Kimberlee were beloved pets, only doing what they were programmed to do, but do not let your rats have the run of the house !
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