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Rats and Guinea Pigs

Rats and Guinea Pigs are familiar in design. My daughter wants a GP really badly. I'm really hesitant. But from what I am told they need space. I was told to get one of those cubes that attach together, looks like netting? Plus some coroplast to line it with. I was also told no wheel for excercise. It can break their back. I have priced the cubes and KMart has them cheap. The coroplast can be gotten at any art or sign design store. Plus I was also told to stay away from cedar and pine. The stuff isn't good for their little bodies. But I did see organic liner that is about as good as the wood shavings. As for the animal itself? You need to buy one from a reputable dealer. I don't trust Pet Smart or any of those fly by nite businesses. I call them puppy mills. We have a local pet shop where people drop off unwanted pets, the humane society and health inspectors come in and check the animals out. So I trust these people a little more highly then anything else. Good luck. I have links if you need them.
I did finally get ours off the GP kick. We have a neurotic dog and two neurotic fish. I am not sure I want to see what the GP turns out to be. Good luck.
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