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re: pet rats

Hi! I have 6 male rats... Rats really need another rat for companionship, even if your daughter plays with him a lot. Male rats are cuddly, but smell a little more than females. Females are more active and explore more. Male rats can be neutered, but like all small animals, have trouble with anesthetics, and your vet must be familiar with rats for best results. Don't EVER use pine or cedar beddings!! They can cause fatal respiratory allergies in rats...I use Yesterday's News pelleted newspaper bedding; I also found a pelleted aspen bedding at Petco that's cheaper than YN. Aspen shredded bedding can be used, but can have mites in it that make rats itchy, unless you freeze the bedding for a week or so first. Most commercial rat foods have too much corn in them which can cause tumors in rats; best is the Nutro Natural Lite dog food, some sunflower seeds, some bran cereal, some carrot chips, and even a little of whatever you have for dinner...rats can eat everything we do, except for the corn, chocolate, onions, garlic. They especially love pork chop or beef or chicken bones they can gnaw the meat off of. I keep mine in wire cages for better air circulation for the little fuzzbutts. they are easily cleaned with squirt bottles of diluted vinegar and another of baking soda solution every few days. Rats are like little dogs in personality...I love mine to death!
Barb T.
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