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oooooo I loved our rat, till someone forgot to close the cage! they are smart....loving AND lovable. Smell is not an issue as long as you change the cage every 5-7 days. YOu might also try that great Kitty litter made with the pine pellets that dissolve? its a miracle worker. Rats can be trained to watch TV with you, sit on your shoulder, look in your pockets for snacks.....etc. The like standard pellets, LVOE apple bits, lettuce bits, carrot sticks...etc. You just have to be sure not to give them too much salad. We had our rat in a terrarium built for a tarantula, and it worked out just fine. Overall, they are much smarter and gentler than hamsters and gerbils. Having had a rat, i would never go back to small rodents. Good luck!
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