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I have 3 rats (all females). One, named Tilly, we got a little over a year ago. About 6 months ago, I decided that she needed a "little sister" and we went to the pet store to get one. She hated it! She kept latching on with her teeth until the poor little thing screeched and bled ( We finally decided to get another little girl rat to put in with the new one and doomed Tilly to life in solitary. We have had no problems since. Know that when you clip their little toenails (and they WILL need it *smile*), they are prone to bleeding and there are lots of little blood vessels in their toes. Always keep styptic powder or pads handy to stop the blood. The two babies just love each other and sleep in a little pile. You will need a little nesting box for privacy and we found that an aquarium with a lid works better than the wire cages because of the "urine factor". The urine smell can be quite acrid and it is difficult to remove from a wire cage. They have different personalities that are delightful! Tilly loves to be held and is soooo jealous if you have been holding either of the other two. She shows this by grabbing your shirt in her little paws and holding it to her nose while breathing in very deeply. Also with little ones, be sure that they wash sticky hands before handling the rats as they have poor eyesight and can bite if they mistake a finger for the food that it smells like ) Good luck!
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