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Don't know anything about the hairless rats specifically, but I can tell you a little about rats in general. You should not have a boredom issue with just one, as long as your daughter is willing to handle and spend quality playtime with the one.

Never underestimate the intelligence of these creatures. If you have issues about them getting out, make sure and get a secure cage. They are very crafty, and will use both their intelligence, superior to ours in some ways, and their wonderful teeth and nails to get out any way they can.

As far as cleaning goes, their environment can be relatively oderless with upkeep...and food is simple, they sell rat food at places like you never thought anyone WANTED to feed them, eh??? It is a nuggetlike dry food designed to meet their nutritional needs...

They like to burrrow, so sawdust type bedding is good. Plan for toys and such to occupy their everactive little minds when no-one is able to play.

They are easy to train, will learn tricks, and can be quite domestic. I was breeding them for another purpose, which I won't go into as some might object, and had a few who became "pets" and loved to be handled on a regular basis.
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