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Lifestar you are right it is a sad thing that we should have to think about these things when we send our children to school.
I had to go to our high school on Friday for a class I am taking over the ICN and I had a chance to visit with one of the secretaries there. She said everything went very well during the the time the school was under restrictions. She said most of the students realized that the things they had to endure for a few days were for their protection and didn't complain. She also thought it was a good wake up call that bad stuff can happen even in their small, rural school district. I had a similar discussion with my Dd and she agreed she would rather have the school do their best to keep everyone safe than have all of their privilages.
Barb, I am sure you are right that they will find the person who did make the threat and I am sure the proper measures will be taken.
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