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I realize that this is an older topic but I feel the need to respond.

I, too am guilty of "lunching" on free samples.However, if I don't like it, I will toss it.

Also, I get MANY free samples in the mail. There are several sites that list freebies daily and I am a frequent visitor. I may never need to buy hand lotion or toothpaste again in my life. I have also gotten some food and beverages this way. If they are nasty, I will toss them. It is not worth it to me to make myself sick to be frugal. OK, the nasty tea did go in my compost pile.

Sometimes the freebie isn't what i expected and I am unable to use it. AT THE MOMENT. Some of that stuff get s put aside into the "for craft purposes" box.

sometimes I re-use the boxes for something. I have even been known to cut up free catalogs for craft purposes.

I guess the point to my long ramble is: you are right, just because it was free doesn't mean it is worthless.
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