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On Wed, one of the local high schools had to deal with a bomb threat and yesterday it was our local vocational school. I was a little upset when I heard abotu the one at the vaocational school because it is only about 100 yards from where Miriam and MAdalyn go to school. Both were phoned in via cell phone somehow.
At both of these schools the kids were sent outdoors for several hours, most missing lunch.
When dd1 had a bomb threat atwhen in high school she somehow ot to a phone and called me, she was very scared even though the all-clear was made. I phoned the school, told them that her aunt was having emergency lung surgery and I was onmy way to get her to have her in the office by the time I got there. I had no trouble getting her released from school. I really didn't lie, her aunt did have lung surgery the day before.
I think when they have these things, if its going to take hours to get cleared, they should be sent home.
I also think that there should be stiffer penalties for those who make those calls.
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