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Considering a new small pet....

My daughter has been asking me for a hairless rat. I have been saying "NOOOOOO!!!!"

But while at the store buying fish food yesterday, I stopped in to see the varmint, and oh my gosh, I fell in love.

He really looks a lot like my father, ( minus the glasses and the newspaper) LOL!!

Really, the cutest little creature I have ever seen. I can even learn to ignore the tail...well almost.

Does anyone have any advice about aquiring a rat for a pet? I know they are SUPER intelligent. I'm wondering if one alone would be too bored and get into mischief?

Or if two males would become too agressive together, or if you can neuter a female rat... ( No rat-lings, thank you!)

I'm not sure where to go for honest answers. I fear the pet store will paint too "rosy" a picture of rat ownership ...


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