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My two cats both have distinct personalities. Cookie, who is 11, is very laid back. He loves all three of us unconditionally. Very loving. Now Simba, who is 6, is a maniac. He LOVES to play fetch with my husband. I am not joking either. He will fetch the ball and bring it back to my hubby to toss it down the hallway again. He will play this for at least an hour. He loves my hubby the most. He is so happy when my hubby gets up in the morning. He just follows him around, chattering with him, in meow speak of course. And he loves my son too. Greets him when he comes home from school, sits on his lap for loving, motor going a mile a minute. LOL And I am last on his list, as long as the two men in my life are not here, then and ONLY then do I get some love from Simba. He has a quirky personality, but I love him to pieces. Both my cats are big babies. And I love them both!!!
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