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Great question!

My children all attend schools that have locked doors at all times. You must be "buzzed in" by the secretary to get in. In Big DS's high school, the student ID will unlock the doors also. No one is permitted to be in school without ID. Teachers have them too.

Both schools have "alert the parents" phone plans for safety threats or other emergencies.

I have been through a bomb threat in a school where I was teaching; we had all the kids out, like for a fire drill, and they were walked a few blocks away from the school. Then buses from the high school came and got them (these were middle school kids). They were all warehoused in the high school gym until their parents picked them up. Meanwhile, the middle school was being searched with the police, the dogs, all of that. The worst was being corralled in the high school gym for HOURS with these kids but we knew they were safe that way.
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