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Does your school have a plan if there is a safety issue at your school?

Last week there was a school shooting in one school, another school discovered a student with a small arsenol in his bedroom and the high school my dd attends had a bomb threat. Does your school have a plan of action in place if the saftey of it's students is threatened?
The janitors at dd's high school discovered a threating note in the bathrooms while cleaning up after school. The authorities were contacted immediately and the school was searched. The next morning before school the local radio station was carrying the story and school officials had given instructions for students coming to school that day. Everyone had enter in one door --all other doors were locked from entering from outside. The police and the bomb sniffing dog were present as each students things were searched before entering the building. Other precautions have been in place for the past several days. Our school has taken this threat very seriously even though it was probably a prank (very poor judgement). I feel as a parent the school has done a good job of being on top of the situation and am glad they are following through with the emergency plan. I also think it was a good wake up call for students that bad things can happen even in small rural areas and that their school is prepared to keep them safe.
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