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Yesterday i chopped and bagged up about 14 cups of bell peppers from the garden and froze for this winter. Unless we keep from having a killing frost that will be the end of them from the garden as I don't expect the blossoms on the plants to do anything. I also picked the few little green tomatoes and brought them inside to try to ripen.

Will finish trimming (HA! 4ft cut twice a year) the bushes this afternoon as there is rain called for everyday the rest of the week. I'm 2/3's of the way done and filled 5 large trash bags already. Frugal is I got a roll of trash bags from my BIL's work FREE as they were a mistake run a couple of years ago. I do need to let him know I could use another roll as I'm about out.

Will have dinner at the inlaws tonight and tomorrow they will eat at our house.

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