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Vicki, that's bizarre! I consider things donated to fund-raisers (cakes, pies, chili, whatever) to be MY DONATION. I don't expect to hand the organizer a bill for what it cost me to make the item. That is my donation to the fund-raiser. If I am able to purchase something at the fund-raiser, then that's all the more that the charity will get. If not, I did what I could in donating a baked good or whatever.

Anna, I had to laugh when you recommended Haband. I worked there for a month one summer during college. Now, I am not a quitter, I like to finish what I start. But the working conditions there were AWFUL and actually unhealthy (giant dusty warehouse, no air conditioning, workers had to wear long pants, restricted potty breaks, etc.) so I found another job as soon as I could.
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