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Frugal today? So far I have hand washed all the dishes and they are air drying. Also have been gathering all our candle tester jars ( I test each new fragrance we get in to see how it burns, scent throws, etc.) I will eventually be cleaning them all and reusing the jars. I have transferred them to the shed in a cabinet I saved from dh's moms house so I can find them again. I am also bringing up and taking out all the boxes of stuff I have been gathering up for the yard sale we werent' able to have this year. If we have a nice warm Friday they'll all be in one place that I can more easily get to the front yard, if not they aren't cluttering up my basement.

Once the dew dries on the grass I'll be going outside to mow the back yard.

Dinner tonight will be leftover chicken veggies w/ dumplins that I made yesterday. If I can get my kitchen space cleared up will be making a French Vanilla cake with sliced strawberries like a pineapple upside down cake but with strawberries.