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I love the idea of dieting together. I'm 40 yrs old and 5' 4". I weigh in at 180 and would be totally excited to lose at least 40 pounds. Diabetes and high blood pressure are rampant in my family and so far it has overlooked me. With this much extra weight one or the other can't miss me in the near future. I know how to lose weight for me. I've done it before (sound familiar?). Just cutting down on what I eat and regular exercise does the trick. Keeping a journal of what I eat every day helps as well. Lots and lots of water helps too. When I get a craving for food if I go brush my teeth that helps, I never want to eat for a couple of hours after I brush, something about that minty toothpaste taste......ewww. I can get started and motivated and lose 10 pounds or so then life gets in the way (or rather I let it get in the way) and I stop walking or I get caught up eating on the run or this or that etc.........Maybe if we each do it our own way and just log on here as often as we can for morale support and updates it might help. I'm game to start on the 27th as well if the rest of you are. Tomorrow will start out with a brisk walk before I go pick up my grandson even if it kills me. I'll let you all know tomorrow night how things go.
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