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Thanks and more info requested

Thanks to all of you who have replied so far. You know what is the best thing that I get from all of your replies? Positive thinking. You see, when I started informing people in this small southern town where we are heading, mostly I get looks of horror! And even though I say that we are excited about getting closer to family, they continue to say how sorry they are! One lady went on and on about how difficult it would be. Thanks alot!

Anyway, thanks for the ideas of looking into areas I hadn't thought of yet like Worth and Oak Forest. Those of you that gave me the school district numbers, I really appreciate it for when I am looking up school "report cards" on the internet. When musicmom1 talked about parks/recreation, it made me realize that is another important thing for our family, so if those of you in other suburbs can tell me a bit about recreation in your town, that would help. I grew up in Ohio where there were many parks and hiking trails nearby, and I would love to find that for my kids, if we can find a happy medium with housing prices and location!

When it comes to trains, we know that Naperville has the express trains going to it, while other trains would take twice as long. But when my husband got downtown on the Naperville line he would still have a 20 min. walk to work. So, it's an express train (35 min?) plus 20 min. walk or get closer to a non-express train (1 hr?) and barely any walk. Does anyone know if the trains usually run well -- without delays? For the past several years my husband has had about a 25 min. car ride (without traffic lights and past a bunch of cows) so this whole train thing will be new to us both.

Yes I heard about Hinsdale but scanning the housing ads, I think we will have to move farther out to be able to afford something! My husband grew up in the Lake Central, IN, school district and we thought about settling over there but that adds just a little too much commuting time on.

We hope to move in June and are in the process of finding out the relo package, etc. Unfortunately, houses in this small town don't always sell quickly, but we do have a family already interested that is coming by this week and the house isn't officially on the market. Wish us luck.

OH, and if I want to PM someone, are there directions somewhere on this site? (Actually, it took me awhile to figure out what PM meant!)
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